Diesel and steam locomotives set to team up to celebrate 50 years of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

41241 at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
Credit: Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Various steam locomotives and diesel locomotives are being prepared ready for a mammoth 8-day gala to celebrate 50 years of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway being a preserved railway.

Each day will have a theme, with each day having its very own intensive timetable.

Star of the show, 41241, which hauled the opening special all them years ago, has been overhauled and painted into KWVR red ready for the gala.

The timetable for the gala can be found here

Tickets can be booked on your day of travel, with fares being various on the days of travel, full information can be found here

What locomotives are running?

Here is the list of locomotives running at the gala:


  1. SR Bulleid Pacific No.34092 City of Wells (from the East Lancashire Railway)
  2. LMS ‘Scot’ No.46100 Royal Scot (thanks to Locomotive Services Ltd)
  3. GWR ‘Pannier’ No.7714 (from the Severn Valley Railway)
  4. GBRf Class 66 No.667XX (thanks to Great British Rail Freight)
  5. GBRf Class 73 No.73XXX (thanks to Great British Rail Freight)
  6. DRS 37/4 No.374XX (thanks to Direct Rail Services)
  7. BR Class 50 No.50035 Ark Royal (from the Severn Valley Railway)
  8. BR Class 55 No.55019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier’ (from the Deltic Preservation Society)


  1. BR Standard 4 No.75078 (BR Black, Late Crest)
  2. Midland 4F No.43924 (BR Black, Late Crest)
  3. USATC S160 “Big Jim” No.5820 (USATC Grey)
  4. LNWR ‘Coal Tank’ 1054 (LNWR Unlined Black)
  5. LMS Black 5 No.45212 (resident loco, works on the mainline)
  6. LMS Ivatt 2 No.41241 (KWVR Red)
  7. Hunslet D32 ‘Huskisson’
  8. Class 20 No.20031
  9. EE Shunter D0226 ‘Vulcan’
  10. BR Class 25 No.25059

We will be around for all eight days of this gala, do say hello if you spot us!



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