A further update on the overhaul of steam locomotive No.92134

Credit: Nick Simpson / Grosmont M.P.D News - The Original

Nick Simpson, who is Mechanical Foreman at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, has released a further update on the overhaul of steam locomotive No.92134.

At the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, new piston rings have been made for the locomotive’s cylinders (both of them). These have both been made in-house at the NYMR. When the rings were taken out, the gaps were over 3/8″, this meant that four new, two for each side, have been manufactured and installed.

The work on the piston rings has now allowed the right-hand side motion to be put back on after testing and painting.

The connecting rod has now been refitted with a little endpin and nut.

The diesel department at the NYMR has examined the radius rod bearing. The steam engineers have taken off the radius rod and valve crosshead as these are the next parts to be examined and rebuilt.

The cylinder relief valves are now in the process of being rebuilt and pressure set. Steam heat and pipework for it have also been started.

Half of the running boards are now in undercoat at the NYMR.

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Once again, our thanks go to Nick Simpson for use of this information in this article. If you would like more information, then why not join the Grosmont M.P.D. News – The Original group for more background news and goings on at the NYMR. Click here for more information.


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