Car park upgrade at the Northampton and Lamport Railway

Northampton and Lamport Railway upgrade their car park
Credit: Northampton and Lamport Railway

The Northampton and Lamport Railway has been listening to feedback from its visitors and it has become apparent that their car park conditions deteriorated to a level no longer acceptable.

The railway has taken the decision to invest more into the parking facilities to improve the visitor experience.

The railway is now in the process of providing surfacing over the parking areas, meaning that, no longer will customers have to park on a muddy strip and potentially get their car stuck.


Once completed, the railway will then take a look at whether any of the access roads need any work or not. The railway has already been busy removing some of the puddles that formed last winter.

The railway is using a small diesel roller to do the work, but may also be using their Alchin Steam Roller for some of the work, so if you visit this weekend, you may see something extra around the station.


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