Bluebell Railway Standard Class 2 Project (steam locomotive No. 84030) – Project Information

Standard class 2 steam locomotive
Credit: John Griffiths

This week we bring you another New Build Project from the Bluebell Railway, their project to recreate a British Railways (BR) Standard Class 2 Tank.

We will firstly look at the history of this small and short-lived class before looking at the history and work carried out on the project.

History of the BR Standard 2 Tanks

The Ivatt Class 2 tanks’ design was used heavily in producing the design for the Standard 2 design, with the main changes being using the same fittings as other BR Standard classes and also changing some dimensions to allow the class to run over all the different regions.

Design work was carried out at Derby Works, with Crewe and Darlington Works building the engines.

The 20 engines constructed at Crewe Works were allocated to London Midland Region (LMR), and the 10 constructed at Darlington Works were allocated to the Southern Region.

Class 2 steam locomotive
Credit: Jonathan Clay

Under both the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) and BR, 150 Ivatt Class 2 tanks were built, which meant only a small number, 30, of the Standard 2 tanks were needed.

Being part of the Ex-LMS routes, the LMR was home to most of the Ivatt Class 2 tanks. Most of the 20 Standard 2 engines which were allocated to the LMR worked many duties alongside the Ivatt engines. The Southern Region engines were used on local trains on the Ex-Eastern Section of the Southern Railway.

Decline and withdrawal

Some of the Standard 2 were transferred to the Eastern Region when electrification in the Southern Region made them surplus to requirement. Despite this, the first class member, 84012, was withdrawn in 1963 at roughly 10 years old. By 1966, the whole class had been withdrawn and unfortunately, all 30 engines were scrapped.

History of the Bluebell Railway Standard Class 2 Project

Although no Standard 2 Tanks ended up at Barry Scrapyard, four Standard 2 tender engines did. A group, formed of members of the Bluebell Railway, purchased one of these Tender engines, No.78059, with the plan of restoring the engine for use on the preserved Bluebell Railway.

One major issue with restoring 78059 was a new tender would need building. Taking this issue into consideration, the group decided that with no Standard 2 Tanks being saved, that Barry Condition 78059 would be used as a donor engine to built the lost tank class.

Other reasons for using 78059 to build the 30th Standard 2 Tank, 84030, was most of the components between both classes were the same and no tender engines were allocated the Southern Region, were the Bluebell Railway is located.

Progress on Building 84030

Work on building 84030 started in the early 2000s when 78059 was in Ex-Barry Condition. One of the most significant steps in the project came in December 2011, when the new rear frame extension for 84030 was welded to 78059’s main frame. From that day onwards, 78059 became 84030 with the frame for a Standard 2 tank engine formed.

Recent work on 84030 has involved producing pipe-work for the vacuum brakes. Other small components are being produced at the Bluebell Railway, such as sanding and cylinder drain cock valve.

A poly-shed is hoped to be erected to house 84030, protecting the engine from the elements. The frame has received a repaint to protect them. Many components produced by contractors have been delivered, such as trailing truck’s radial arm and front
platform plates (cut and bent to shape).

Much work is still needed to be completed before 84030 can steam, with any support to the project much appreciated. For further information or to support the project, please visit the Bluebell Railway’s website here

Joins us next Friday, when we will bring you another New Build Project.

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Thanks to Jonathan Clay for the use of his image in this article. If you would like to buy this print, why not visit his website by clicking here



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