5197 at Froghall Station // Credit: Jamie Duggan
5197 at Froghall Station // Credit: Jamie Duggan

S160 No.5197, based at the Churnet Valley Railway (CVR), in Staffordshire, has now arrived at the Dartmouth Steam Railway (DSR), which is based in Devon.

5197’s visit to Dartmouth Steam Railway

Arriving in early February 2018, 5197 will be running on the south coast for four months.

5197’s visit to the Dartmouth Steam Railway is in return for 4277’s visit to the Churnet Valley Railway.

4277’s boiler ticket has now expired now, with the engine also travelling to the railway by road.

After the locomotives visit

Following the four months at DSR, 5197 will then head to the Epping & Ongar Railway (EOR) for a month in June.

While visiting the EOR, 5197 will take part in the line’s Steam Gala in June.

In July, 5197 will make the return trip back to CVR.


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