Steam locomotive No. 323 to Visit the Spa Valley Railway

No. 323 Bluebell // Credit: Bluebell Railway
No. 323 Bluebell // Credit: Bluebell Railway

The Spa Valley Railway has announced that South Eastern & Chatham Railway P-Class No. 323 “Bluebell”, from the Bluebell Railway, will make a visit to the line.

323 Bluebell’s Preserved Life

323 was one of the first engines to operate on the preserved Bluebell railway and has been operational ever since. The longest period the engine has seen out of traffic was in the first decade of 2000.

By Spring 2011, 323 was back in steam and running trains down the Bluebell line. The engine currently wears ‘Bluebell Blue’ with the BRPS emblem on the side tanks.

The locomotives visit to the Spa Valley Railway

The first day of service on the Spa Valley Railway is planned to be 24th of February. Running alongside a Diesel, 323 will haul trains to the Green Timetable until the end of March, when the engine will return back home.



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