RMT Union announce Merseyrail strike action in March

Merseyrail to strike again after RMT announcement
Credit: Merseyrail

Merseyrail and the rail union, RMT, has announced that strike action will be taking place on 3rd March 2018.

Merseyrail has called on the RMT to reconsider its position following the announcement, which will disrupt passengers travelling around Liverpool.

More information on timetable changes will be announced in due course, we will produce an article covering the changes once they are announced.

The strike will affect Arriva Rail North (Northern) on the same day too

What did the officials say?


Andy Heath, Merseyrail Managing Director said, “yet again the RMT has announced a further strike, remaining entrenched in a position which is to oppose any form of change with no desire to meet with us and reach an agreement. We have continually sought to reach a compromised solution, however, the RMT remains intent on causing disruption to our customers. We will endeavor to provide the best possible rail service that we can to our customers, with the resources we have available, as we have been providing on previous strike days.”

“I would again urge our guards to reconsider their strike action at a time when we should really be in talks about how we can work together to give you clarity and security about your future, building on our commitment to guarantee you a job within our business. Talking is the only way that can be achieved.”


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