New Parts for 45170's Smokebox // Credit The 45170 Appeal
New Parts for 45170's Smokebox // Credit The 45170 Appeal

Steam locomotive No. 45170, owned by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society – based at the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway, is undergoing restoration with progress being made on many components.

As part of 45170’s restoration, a new smokebox door and frame for the door is being made.

These are nearing the end of construction, with the society hoping to receive these parts soon.

The tender’s wheels need to be sent away to Riley & Son to be re-tyred. Before they can be sent off, the tender’s tank needs to be lifted off of them.

The tender’s tank has received a clean out and the coal compartment has had a layer of undercoat applied.

The coal compartment will eventually be painting black when finished. The brake gear has almost been fully-dismantled, with only the linkage between the brake handle and layshaft remaining.


  1. I believe that this loco was repatriated from Turkey? If so the number is correct as Turkish railways numbered their 8fs 45XXX.
    There was however a black 5 numbered 45170 it never left these shores.


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