Progress update on the restoration of steam locomotive No. 4253

Brake Gear fitted // Credit 4253 Locomotive Company Ltd
Brake Gear fitted // Credit 4253 Locomotive Company Ltd
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The 4253 Locomotive Company Ltd are restoring Great Western Railway (GWR) 42XX Tank No. 4253 at the Kent and East Sussex Railway’s (K&ESR) Rolvenden Locomotive Shed. Here is the latest progress on restoring the steam locomotive.


On Tuesday and Friday last week, the team were busy working on the engine’s components. Tuesday saw all nuts and bolts measured and sorted, ready for when they are needed.

Applying Undercoat to Eccentrics // Credit 4253 Locomotive Company Ltd

The eccentrics have also received attention, with undercoating being applied, trimmings made and white metalling, followed by a coat of Apexia.

Apexia is used to stop the white metal from sticking.

Next to be done was drilling the flanges for the water valves. The steel pipe from the injectors for overflow water started to be bent into the shape. Any work unfinished on Tuesday was carried out on Friday.


4253 Locomotive Company Ltd Stand // Credit 4253 Locomotive Company Ltd

Saturday and Sunday saw stands for both 4253 and K&ESR attend the Tenterden Model Railway Show, their first event in 2018. Back at Rolvenden Locomotive Shed, with the rolling chassis being moved undercover, the team started to fit the brake gear onto the engine. This now only requires a small amount of work before it’s completed.

The steel for the ash pan damper doors has been cut and drilled and a new rod is being machined for the damper. The rod will hold all the damper pivots, apart from the damper doors operating mechanism.

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