6695 // Credit 6695 Loco Group FB Page
6695 // Credit 6695 Loco Group FB Page

The 6695 Locomotive Group, owners of GWR 56XX No.6695, have set up a crowdfunding page in order to raise £50,000 to help raise funds for Overhauling 6695, which is currently in progress.

What will the Money be used for?

6695's Boiler ready for the move to the Flour Mill // Credit 6695 Loco Group FB Page
6695’s Boiler ready for the move to the Flour Mill // Credit 6695 Loco Group FB Page

The group anticipates the cost of overhauling 6695 will be £300,000, with half of this amount, £150,000, being spent on the boiler.

The money raised by the crowdfunding page will be used to fund the boiler work, which has recently started at the Flour Mill Workshop. Starting work has involved with the removal of the foundation ring and waste steel from the firebox outer wrapper.

Many parts need to be replaced, these include rivets and nuts (£3 each), screws and steel stays (£10 each), steel smoke tubes (£30 each), superheater flues (£200) and superheater elements (£1000).

This cost breakdown shows how both small and large amounts of money donated can help make 6695 one step closer to returning to the steam, which is aimed to be in 2020.

Other ways to support the group

Buying shares are an alternative way to help support the group, starting at £250.

With this, you would receive a 6695 Polo Shirt, or you can purchase the Pole Shirt by itself for £15 plus £2 Postage.

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