David Shepherd on the Footplate of 92203
David Shepherd on the Footplate of 92203 "Black Prince" // Credit NNR

Last year David Shepherd sadly passed away aged 86. The majority of the people reading this article will know David Shepherd for his contributions to Railway Preservation.

This includes playing a key role in starting the East Somerset Railway, and buying two engines direct from British Railways, 9F 92203 “Black Prince” and Standard 4 75029 “The Green Knight”.

He was also involved in helping the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society secure 35028 “Clan Line” for Preservation.

David Shepherd is also known for his contribution to Wildlife Conservation.

Details about David Shepherd's Memorial Service // Credit NNR
Credit NNR
When is David Shepherd’s Memorial Service?

The North Norfolk Railway has announced the date for the Memorial Service which they will host in honour of David Shepherd. This Service will take place on Friday the 2nd of March at 2 pm. Everyone is welcomed to join the Memorial Service.


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