Covertcoat on the Launceston Steam Railway
Credit: Launceston Steam Railway


The Launceston Steam Railway has released details of their 2018 opening dates. This allows you to plan when you might make a visit.

The Launceston Steam Railway is a narrow gauge which operates from the town of Launceston in Cornwall and runs for 2.5 miles to Newmills, where a farm park can be found. The railway runs on the trackbed of the old North Cornwall Railway.

The railway’s main workshop building is leaking in water and this winter the railway has decided to mend the problem. This means that the railway won’t be opening until 20th May 2018.

This does mean unfortunately that the railway will not be running at Easter.

Our 2018 opening dates are now available – but we will be back a little later than normal.

One of our main workshop buildings has had a leaky roof for a number of years, and the time has come to ‘bite the bullet’ and replace the roof.  Due to this extensive repair work underway on site, plus Easter being early this year, we have decided to postpone our reopening until the 20th May.  Therefore we will not be open at Easter this year.  However, we look forward to seeing visitors from the 20th May onwards!

The full calendar of 2018 opening dates can be found on the Opening & Train Times page.


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