Diesel locomotive Class 20 20304 on RHTT duties
Credit: Dave Wragg

Direct Rail Services have announced that three of their Class 20 diesel locomotives are up for sale.

No’s. 20304, 20308 and 20309 are all stored at Barrow Hill and have all been out of service for at least a year.

DRS currently don’t have any serviceable Class 20s, and will be left with No’s. 20301, 20302, 20303, 20305 and 20312 after the sale of the three 20s above.

All three locomotives are due to have an F exam.

Known Faults

DRS has said that these are the known faults with the locomotives:

  • Worn wheelsets
  • Earth fault on its generator
  • Worn wheelsets
  • Extensive bodywork corrosion repairs required
  • Worn wheelsets
  • In generally good condition

If you are interested in buying one of these locomotives, please click here for the document and send it off to DRS

The closing date for responses to the Invitation to Treat is the 9th February 2018.


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