Arriva Trains Wales refreshments
Credit: Arriva Trains Wales

Arriva Trains Wales has announced that they are to start serving their refreshments in passengers own reusable hot drinks cups.

This decision comes after the train operating company has reviewed its policy.

Previously, Arriva Trains Wales, as well as other train operating companies, passengers were served in disposable cups for safety and stock control.

Customers and a health and safety review have now meant that ATW can now serve customers in their own mug, providing their mug has a secure lid.

The change will come into effect on Monday, 15th January.

No mug?

For a limited time only, customers on Arriva Trains Wales services will be able to buy a hot drink and a hot drink cup with a secure lid for just £5!

What did the officials say?
Arriva Trains Wales travel mugs
Credit: Arriva Trains Wales

Head of Customer Experience Barry Lloyd said: “This is an example of how we have listened to our customers and found a practical solution together with our At Seat Catering team to the benefit of customers and the environment.

He added, “We have always been passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, and whilst the cups currently used by our At Seat Catering team do recycle, this will go a step further and give customers more choice.”


  1. I hope they will also offer customers some way of cleaning said reusable mugs after use.
    Nobody is going to put a mug with dregs in their bag, whether it has a secure lid ot not.


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