Matt Edmondson teams up with Virgin Trains to get people into the Christmas spirit
Credit: Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains have teamed up with Matt Edmondson and has found that there is a clear divide between people in Britain when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit.

Social Media analysis showed that 81% of us love the festive season, where 19% (or 1 in 5) find the Christmas tweets negative and can’t wait for it to be over!

The study by Virgin Trains analysed over 500,000 Christmas related tweets to create a comprehensive view of our feelings towards the festive season. Here are the results:

————————– Positive   Negative
Early Christmas songs    12%       88%
Wrapping presents         33%       67%
Brussel sprouts              38%       62%
Carol singers                 41%       59%
Christmas decorations    55%       45%
Festive family time         58%       42%
Mince pies                     71%       29%
Michael Bublé                72%       28%
Mulled wine                   83%       17%
Pigs in blankets              86%       14%
Christmas lights             88%        12%
Love Actually                 94%         6%
Extra time off work        95%          5%

Virgin Trains have teamed up with presenter Matt Edmondson to hand pick some of the crankiest Christmas related tweets. See the full video below:

What did Matt say?

Matt Edmondson, a Presenter, said, “Much like my family’s attitude to cracking out the board games on Boxing Day, us Brits are a divided bunch when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit. From moaning about merry carol singers and bright festive lights to dreading Michael Bublé’s latest offering (for the record, I’m team Bublé all the way), there really are some scroogey tweets going around. I have my grumpy moments too (no, I don’t want to sample your sprouts, even if you’ve used Nigella’s recipe), but it’s easy to forget that this is the time of year to celebrate with loved ones and put our differences aside – even serious ones like Brussel sprout preferences. Amongst all the madness, it’s been good to see the funny side with Virgin Trains, as we welcome in the silly season (warts and all) and spread some cheer this Christmas.”


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