Apedale Valley Railway Diesel Gala
Credit: Apedale Valley Railway / Moseley Railway Trust

The Moseley Railway Trust has announced that it has had a really successful Diesel Delights gala, which it held in October 2017.

The narrow gauge railway saw no less than 18 diesel and petrol locomotives running at the gala.

The event was organised by some of the railways younger members.

The Diesel Delights gala also saw three locomotives visit Apedale from the West Lancashire Light Railway at Hesketh Bank. This includes a Lister petrol engine, a Hunslet and a Motor Rail.

The deal to bring these locomotives to Apedale saw Stanhope return to Lancashire for a few days. The locomotive is currently steaming towards the end of its boiler ticket so has bowed out in style.

What did the officials at the Moseley Railway Trust say?

Phil Robinson, the Trust Chairman said “We are delighted with how the Diesel Delights event went. The weekend was a real testament to the abilities of our younger members, who showed that the have the organisation abilities to run a significant event – well done to all!”

I missed the events this year !

Dont worry, the Apedale Valley Railway (along with the Moseley Railway Trust) will be running a number of events in the 2018 season. Check out our Events Calendar as we will be adding a number of events there very soon!


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