No. 323 Bluebell // Credit: Bluebell Railway
No. 323 Bluebell // Credit: Bluebell Railway

The Bluebell Railway have launched a Track Appeal to renew sections of track on the line which has become uneven due to track wear.

The Bluebell Railway wants to make sure their ride is as comfortable as possible for its passengers. So, they have have launched their Tr(ack) Action Appeal to raise the required funds to do so.

The renewed track will also reduce the maintenance cost on the railways locomotives and carriages.

Some of the railways track was put down before the preservation society was formed. What a tribute to the men and women who laid that track for it to be still in regular use – but it is coming at a cost of wear on locos and rolling stock, as well as comfort for the passengers.

The carriages have steel tyres on, which in turn wears when the train goes round the many curves on the railway.

The cost of a new set of tyres on a carriage can run into a five figure sum, whereas, a locomotive cost can be into a six figure sum of money – to this new track will save the railway alot of money.

The target of the appeal is £250,000 and that is hoped to replace the track north of Feshfield Halt for more than half a mile.

If the target is met, the Bluebell Railway will start work next February.

If the amount raised exceeds the target – the surplus will be put straight back into the railway for further track maintenance.

An amazing job is being done – please help with whatever you can spare. Click here to donate

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