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As we approach the first anniversary of our ‘Throwback Thursday’ series, we see ‘Earl Of Merioneth’ at Tanybwlch during a special event in 2013.

Earl Of Merioneth at the Ffestiniog Railway

‘Earl Of Merioneth’ is a 0-4-4-0 Double Farlie and was the 3rd locomotive built at Boston Lodge Works. The loco was complete in 1979, and was a replacement for No. 3 Livingston Thomspon (now at the National Railway Museum in York) – the superheated boiler was made by the Hunslet Engine Co at Leeds.

Double Fairlie Earl Of Merioneth has now been taken out of service, and will be replaced by new build ‘James Spooner’ when the loco is built hopefully by 2018.


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