Here you can find both videos our coverage of the Talyllyn 150 – The Grand Finale. The event took place from 1st – 3rd July 2016.


Double Headers

Douglas and Talyllyn at Abergynolwyn during Talyllyn 150 celebrations
Douglas and Talyllyn at Abergynolwyn

In the two parts, you will see plenty of double headers, and different combinations of double headers.



Visiting Locomotives

Captain Baxter

Captain Baxter at Tywyn during the Talyllyn 150 Celebrations
Captain Baxter at Tywyn

Captain Baxter, was visiting from the Bluebell Railway. The engine was built in 1877 by Fletcher, Jennings Co. and was bought by the Bluebell Railway in 1960, after a working life at the Dorking Greystone Lime Works. Captain Baxter was later overhauled in 1990, and has recently returned to service following a complete overhaul.

William Finlay

William Finlay & Dolgoch during the Talyllyn 150 Celebration
William Finlay & Dolgoch

William Finlay, No. 173L, also worked at the Dorking Greystone Lime Works, it is current owned by the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, who have cosmetically restored the loco (Not Steaming Condition), William Finlay will replace “Jubilee 1897” who is being loaned to the Penrhyn Quarry Railway, in Bethesda.

Townsend Hook

Townsend Hook with Captain Baxter during the Talyllyn 150 celebrations
Townsend Hook with Captain Baxter

The twin of William Finlay, Townsend Hook also worked at Dorking and is currently owned by the Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre. Work has been completed, though, like William Finlay, it isn’t in steamable condition, and was a static display at the gala.



The Cavalcade departs Tywyn during Talyllyn 150 Celebrations
The Cavalcade departs Tywyn

Other highlights include a re-enactment of the first passenger train, hauled by Dolgoch (Who celebrated her 150th Birthday at the Gala). Also featured is the miniature railway, which was in operation at Wharf Station, and also the Llechfan Garden Railway, which had an open day throughout the event. Finally, in part one, see all 5 in-steam Talyllyn Resident Locomotives depart Tywyn with a ‘Cavalcade’ special.






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