Yorkshire railway purchases Class 47 locomotive

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47714 // Credit: Chris Gee

The has announced that they have purchased No. 47714 to help boost its growing collection of diesel locomotives.

47714 was owned by the Harry Needle Railroad Company in Derbyshire.

The locomotive will slot into the resident fleet nicely, with Class 03, 14, 33 and 37s already being based at the popular heritage railway.

47714 has electric train heating which allows it to heat the carriages in the winter months, especially useful for the Polar Express trains.

With 37250 recently being unveiled in a stunning EWS livery, enthusiasts will no doubt be wondering what livery the Class 47 will wear, however, no final decision has been made yet – it currently wears its Anglia livery.

“The purchase of this locomotive improves our operational capabilities. It has electric train-heating capacity which will allow us to heat our carriages during the cold winter months, and particularly when operating our Polar Express Christmas train services.”

Tim Williamson, Director and member of the General Management Group at Wensleydale Railway PLC

“acquiring the class 47 compliments our excellent heritage diesel collection. Enthusiasts will have seen the recent news of our resident class 37 loco receiving a stunning EWS livery. Our team will be considering a new livery for the class 47 too, but a final decision has yet to be made. Enthusiasts will need to watch this space for more news!”

Nick Keegan, Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Wensleydale Railway
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  • ASteamloco is a better croud puller and less pollution a
    Austerity or pannier tank. Or jinty.

  • It sounds like most are jumping for joy although a this loco would make operations not cheap to operate .Concerns on the current state and the previous use high mileage high engine hours along with the poor state of bodywork .Maintance wasn’t high on the list prior to the withdrawn from various companies. ETH or ETS could result with major risks .Good luck

  • I’d say if got three livery ideas I’d love to see the 47 in
    1st Poseidon black and red I miss that livery

    2nd British railways green livery

    3rd network southeast livery

    4th freightliner livery be a good one

    5th dB shenka red also be a good one

    Those are the liverys id love to see and id come and film it for my channel

  • Should be liveried in Rail Blue BR81/207, Warning Yellow BR81/202, Rail Grey roof BR81/206 as it carried for most of its working life!!

  • Never mind the state it’s in after being dumped at Doncaster let’s hope they got it for a knockdown price!

  • They need a class 31 as well it would help complete the set
    A class 47 is a beauty They were the backbone of BR

  • ETH is very good system ,however given the voltage that runs at you will need a company to test and check all of the systems before use, this may not be as cheap as you think, still a great step forward over steam heating

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