TransPennine Express improves biodiversity at Yorkshire railway stations

TransPennine Express has installed the planters as part of its ongoing commitment to the environment.

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New planters installed at TransPennine Express stations. // Credit: TransPennine Express

has announced that it has recently completed the installation of new planters at 13 of its stations.

A range of different flowers and plants have been put in at different stations.

The initiative is part of a project designed to improve the natural environment in the areas where TransPennine Express operates services.

The plants are set to do this by improving biodiversity and therefore attracting wildlife.

New planters installed at TPE stations
New planters installed at TransPennine Express stations. // Credit: TransPennine Express

It is also hoped that the plants will help to make the TransPennine Express network more attractive for passengers, and make their journeys more relaxing and enjoyable.

The list of stations which have received new planters is as follows: , Cleethorpes, , Grimsby Town, Hull Paragon, Manchester Airport, Middlesbrough, , Scarborough, Scunthorpe, Selby, and Thirsk.

The green spaces can provide a moment of tranquillity

Nicola Martin, Head of Sustainability at TPE

The operator is keen to promote sustainability within the transport and tourism sector in the north of England and Scotland and in recognition of this TransPennine Express was the first UK train operating company to receive the title ‘Carbon Literate' from the Carbon Literacy Trust.

TransPennine Express has been praised especially for achieving a reduction in carbon emissions of 18% from 2019 to 2023, thanks to the use of its Nova fleet which are bi-mode and electric trains.

It also recruited a sustainability apprentice in November of last year.

In order to publicise its environmental projects and achievements, the operator has dedicated a special section of its website to providing information about its sustainability initiatives.

This can be accessed by going to

TransPennine Express Class 397 at Manchester International Airport Station, one of the 13 stations to receive new planters. // TransPennine Express

The new planters are designed to attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies and will help us achieve our aim of increasing biodiversity at stations.  

And, of course, the green spaces can also provide a moment of tranquility and can help to brighten-up daily commutes. 

Nicola Martin, Head of Sustainability at TPE
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  • Pity they can’t get transpennine trains running regularly from yorks to Manchester airport. In last 6 months returned back twice long haul and had to catch bus. Consider this poor customer service

  • The planter shown is too near the platform edge.Has anybody risk assessed this? It should be against the platform back fence.

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