Access-for-All improvements at Glasgow rail station make significant progress

Steelwork for Anniesland statin's lift towers successfully installed.

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Anniesland Lift intallation. // Credit: Network Rail

A £4m project to provide step-free access at Anniesland railway station on the north of the River Clyde in the West End of moved a step forward when steel structures that will house lifts were successfully installed in an overnight operation last Saturday/Sunday, 15th/16th June.

Three cranes were required to lift the steelwork into place safely, with Great Western Road at Cross being temporarily reduced to a single westbound lane to accommodate the Cranes.

Further work will be carried out on the towers this coming weekend, but there will be no need to close the road.

Lifting one of the llift towers at Anniesland. // Credit: Network Rail
Lifting one of the lift towers at Anniesland railway station. // Credit: Network Rail

The lift towers are 12 metres tall and have steel walkways that connect the upper levels of the towers to the station platforms.

Installation of the lifts is part of the Access for All (AfA) programme that will make it easier for people with mobility difficulties, and those travelling with bicycles, pushchairs or heavy luggage to access the platforms.

Computer images of the new lifts. // Credit: Network Rail

Until all work to install the lifts is complete, which is expected to be later this year, the existing footbridge will remain in place, the footpath underneath the railway bridge, parking bays at the station, and the inside eastbound lane of Great Western Road will remain closed.

Lifting some of the steelwork of the lift towers at Anniesland railway station. // Credit: Network Rail

In preparation for the installation of the lift towers, engineers had driven huge sheets of steel into the ground to strengthen the foundation of the lift shafts.

Whilst work on the lift towers continues, there will be no disruption for pedestrians with Anniesland station remaining open and train services running as normal.

Further information about the project can be found by clicking here.

Lifting one of the lift towers at Anniesland railway station. // Credit: Network Rail
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