Steam locomotive 13065 to return to service in LMS red

13065 at Ramsbottom
Credit: RailAdvent

The East Lancashire Railway, along with Mike Kelly (ELR Chairman), has announced that Crab 13065 will return to service in LMS Maroon.

Requests from volunteers had been put forward to see 13065 return from an overhaul in BR Black and numbered 42765.

However, the board has discussed this, and have come to the agreement that the LMS maroon colour has proved popular with visitors and photographers.

This has, therefore, meant that Crab 13065 will appear back from an overhaul in the same LMS red colour that it was found in before overhaul.

Away from the colour decision, repair and overhaul work is still ongoing. Work is progressing towards the locomotive returning to service.

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  1. It looks great in red. Already too many black locomotives. My view is that as far as possible locomotives should be in their original livery with their original numbers.

    Just because you ask an opinion doesn’t mean you have to take it. Ask Mrs May about how her suggestions about the EU have been ignored.

    Volunteers should leave the policy of the railway to the professional managers.

  2. Great news! I prefer the Pre-grouping and Grouping liveries and abhor everything in BR livery. I’m absolutely tired of it. I miss the 70’s and 80’s of pre BR liveries.

  3. I don’t know a single serious photographer who believes the Crab should continue to run in maroon. The locomotive had a working life of 39 years and ran in black for the last 32. It’s the ELR’s flagship locomotive, an essentially Horwich design running on a former L&Y line, and it’s a very poor decision by the Board to over rule the consensus of volunteers and enthusiasts.


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