Aberystwyth, Machynlleth and Shrewsbury trains disrupted due to trespass incident

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Credit: Transport for Wales

Trains between , Shrewsbury and are being disrupted this morning due to a trespass incident.

The line has been blocked by the incident, meaning trains between Shrewsbury and may be delayed or cancelled.

Trains appear to be stopping at Machynlleth and not travelling further (and not calling at Aberystwyth, Bow Street, Borth or ).

Disruption is currently expected until 11:30 this morning (15th September).

A spokesperson said “A trespass incident between and Newtown means the line is blocked. As a result, trains running between Shrewsbury and Machynlleth may be delayed or cancelled.”

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  • With trespass issues / reports of trespassing on or near the line, trains are normally allowed to run under caution (half line speed) and told to stop on sight. So I would expect delays rather than cancellations.

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