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July 2020 steam locomotive update from Southern Locomotive Limited

Southern Locomotive Ltd (SLL) has released an update on their fleet of steam locomotives.

Six steam locomotives running in 2020? – Update from Southern Locomotives...

2019 has been a busy year for the company's staff and volunteers. Much work has been carried during the year, which will hopefully see three engines return to in 2020, joining the three serviceable locomotives currently.

Steam locomotive Eddystone’s Boiler and Rolling Chassis Reunited

Southern Locomotives Ltd (SLL) has announced that lifting Southern Railway steam locomotive West Country Class No.34028 "Eddystone"'s boiler back into the rolling chassis has been successful.

Update on steam locomotives from Southern Locomotives Ltd – September 2019

Southern Locomotives Ltd (SLL) have published the latest news on their fleet of seven steam engines. 34010 "Sidmouth" Recent work has been at contractors, the North...

June 2019 Update on Southern Locomotive Ltd’s steam locomotives

Two big finance aids have been offered to Southern Locomotive Ltd (SLL) by supporters to help maintain their fleet of steam engines, along with...

Quick update on steam locomotives from Southern Locomotives Ltd

This small update by the company covers the current work on both engines at Tyseley Locomotives Works. 34070 "Manston" The plan is to overhaul "Manston" in...

Steam locomotive update from Southern Locomotives Ltd – April 2019

Southern Locomotives Ltd (SLL) has been busy the past three months repairing and restoring their fleet of engines based at the Swanage Railway. 34010 "Sidmouth" SLL...

Steam locomotive update from Southern Locomotives Ltd – January 2019

Work on the Southern Locomotives Ltd (SSL) fleet has been ongoing both on and off-site, with two engines in service. 34028 "Eddystone" With 34072 "257 Squadron"...

An update on steam locomotives from Southern Locomotives Ltd

Southern Locomotives Ltd has released a full update on the work they are completing on locomotives (either in service or undergoing overhaul). The big news...

Recent overhaul work on steam locomotive 34028 Eddystone at Herston Works

Members of Southern Locomotives Ltd (SLL) have been busy at Herston Works in overhauling their Rebuilt Bulleid West Country class No.34028 Eddystone. Cylinders and Pipe...

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