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No. 2 Countess at Welshpool on the Welshpool and Llanfair railway

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 28 – No. 2 “The Countess” at Welshpool

In this weeks throwback Thursdays, we see No. 823 'The Countess' at Welshpool on the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway, in Mid-Wales. 'The Countess' was...
Aberglaslyn Pass on the Welsh Highland Railway

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 25 – Welsh Highland Railway

This week on Throwback Thursday we go back to August 2014 and a trip on the Welsh Highland Railway. Here are just a few of...
Tornado at the NRM

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 24 – Tornado at the National Railway Museum

In episode 24 of our Throwback Thursday series, we steam back to 2013 as we see No. 60163 'Tornado' at the National Railway Museum. 'Tornado' was...
No. 48151 on the Settle and Carlisle

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 23 – No. 48151 in the 1980’s or early 1990’s

In episode 23 of our Throwback Thursdays, we steam all the way back to the 1980s (we think!) or maybe the early 1990's. These...
No. 5080 'Defiant' at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 21 – Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Todays Throwback Thursday episode sees us steam back to August 2013 as we take a visit to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre - we visited...
No. 9 Prince of Wales at Aberystwyth

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 17 – No. 9 Prince of Wales at Aberystwyth

In this weeks 'Throwback Thursdays' we see No. 9 'Prince of Wales' at Aberystwyth on the Vale of Rheidol Railway. The railway runs from...
Earl of Merioneth at Minffordd

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 16 – Earl of Merioneth at Minffordd on the Ffestiniog...

In this weeks Throwback Thursdays episode we throw it back all the way to 20th March 2016, as we see Earl of Merioneth at...
P-Way at Tangrisau

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 15 – Ffestiniog P-Way at Tanygrisau

Todays late post is Episode 15 of the series Throwback Thursdays. This week, we see Harlech Castle with a P-Way Train at Tanygrisau, on...
Duncan at Tywyn

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 14 – Duncan at the Talyllyn Railway

In Episode 14 of Throwback Thursdays, we see Duncan at Tywyn Wharf on the Talyllyn Railway. Duncan (Douglas) is out on the Children's Duncan...
DMU Class 109 at Carrog

Throwback Thursdays – Episode 13 – Llangollen Railway

Our 13th Episode of 'Throwback Thursdays' see us travel back to August 2014, and sees us visit the Llangollen Railway. The train featured is the...

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