Crewe Heritage Centre enter Soapbox race event

A team from Crewe Heritage centre are to take part in soapbox race

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Credit: LNER

A team of dedicated soapbox fans from the have entered a homemade soapbox vehicle to participate in 's Krazy Races Event.

Organisers expect thousands of people to turn out and line the course, cheering on the participating amateur teams and watching as the heats unfold.

Soapbox racing is always brings entertainment and is a real crowd pleaser whenever it visits a town or city, it's not just a chance to watch wacky homemade vehicles that can sometimes defy the laws of physics, as they try to navigate obstacles while heading downhill, it's also a chance to show what dedicated teamwork and design can achieve, with the chance of winning a soapbox trophy.

Crewe Heritage Centre's Soapbox 125 meets the real thing - Crewe Heritage Centre
Crewe Heritage Centre's Soapbox 125 meets the real thing // Credit: Crewe Heritage Centre

The competition which is being held in partnership with Crewe Town Council, is set to take place on Sunday 14th July.

The competition is expected to attract an attendance of 20,000 people, who will watch up to 40 teams actively participating with their homemade soapbox cars.

To ensure that spectators don't miss any of the action, event screens will stream the event live, allowing them to follow each race from top to bottom.

While local traders and family entertainment area will add a real festival atmosphere to the event.

The organisers are still finalising the racing route for the course in Crewe, but they expect it to contain obstacles, chicanes, water, and much more, which will be enough to test any rugged homemade vehicles and the courage of some drivers.

One of the 40 teams set to compete is from Crewe Heritage Centre. Their design of soapbox is a homemade design based on the iconic driving a car of an Intercity 125. It is greatly anticipated that this design can go on to really well in the competition and hopefully become be just as successful as it's the real thing.

The streamlined profiles of both vehicles is illustrated in this image // Credit: Crewe Heritage Centre

There is a lot at stake surrounding each team. All 40 vehicles are sent down the track in a knockout-style competition.

The fastest 10 vehicles will qualify for the grand final, where those vehicles will have to race once more. The winner is the quickest out of the final heat who will take home the trophy.

Prizes will also be awarded for the best dressed and best designed karts.

You can find additional information about the event at

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