Hollywood artist makes mural for Millwall Football Club thanks to Network Rail

Millwall FC sign
Credit: Network rail

Network Rail has partnered with Millwall Football Club and community groups to celebrate the club crest, which has been used since 1936.

Railway bridges across South London have been transformed into pieces of artwork thanks to the partnership and Lionel Stanhope, a street artist known for vintage typography work.

Lionel has painted sets for Hollywood and Disney, and his artwork has been featured on Black Mirror and Humans.

The mural on Zampa Road is close to the Millwall home stadium and shows the current club crest of a leaping lion which first appeared in 1979.

Lionel Stanhope at work - Millwall Football Club
Credit: Network Rail

Lionel Stanhope said: “I’m really happy to have worked with Network Rail and Millwall Football Club on this mural and I’m pleased with the outcome. It sits well on the wall with strong colours, and I’ve received positive feedback from people walking past.”

Steve Kavanagh, Millwall chief executive, said: “I’d like to thank everyone involved at Network Rail for assisting with this project and we’re also incredibly grateful for the efforts of Lionel, who has done a superb job with the new mural. I’d like to extend our thanks to members of Millwall Supporters’ Club who have overseen an initiative organised by the fans, for the fans.”

Eddie Burton, community engagement manager at Network Rail, said: “It’s great to see this wall looking so good and I’m really pleased we could do this for Millwall Football Club. We hope the fans and local community will treasure this artwork and the mural will offer a great photo opportunity for years to come.”

The team nickname was previously The Dockers and arose from the job of many of the club’s supporters in the early 1900s. However, the press headlined Millwall as ‘Lions of the South’, after knocking Football League leaders Aston Villa out of the 1899–1900 FA Cup and the ‘Lions’ nickname was born.

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  1. Why not do this to other London football clubs and football clubs across England, Wales and Scotland. This is brilliant.

  2. Not thanks to network rail at all.
    They bloody removed the original by mistake.so it was only right that they helped replace it.yet another story about millwall that’s wrong.do your bloody job properly or not at all.

  3. Perhaps the artist is doing a “Banksy” across London and getting paid to do this kind of job. Such a masterpiece. And I’m a football fan who has seen these things before including in other countries.


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