Department for Transport issues dispensation for Class 317s

Class 317s need more mods to be accessibility compliant
Credit: Greater Anglia

The Department for Transport has issued a dispensation for trains that needed extra modifications to make them accessible for those with extra mobility needs.

The dispensation has been sent to Angel Trains, the owner of the Class 317 trains which are leased to Greater Anglia.

This means that they can continue to operate past the deadline, which was 1st January 2020.

The extra mods included priority seating, door control arrangements, and handrail colour contrast amongst others.

The fleet of Class 317s that needed the extra modifications are below: 317337, 317338, 317339, 317340, 317341, 317342, 317343, 317344, 317347, 317348, 317501, 317502, 317504, 317506, 317507,317508, 317510, 317511, 317512, 317513, 317515, 317881, 317882, 317883, 317884, 317885, 317886

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  1. Perhaps or maybe convert the redundant Class 317 EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) to BEMU (Battery-Electric Multiple Unit) or EDMU (Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit)/Bi-Mode. Or Hydrogen Multiple Unit (HMU).

    Once they have been replaced by the 111 Class 720 (22 Class 720/1 10-Car and 89 Class 720/5 5-Car) Aventra EMUs for the West Anglia, Great Eastern, Hertford East and Essex branch lines.

    BEMU-Class 7xx/Class 8xx
    EDMU-Class 7xx/Class 8xx
    HMU-Class 6xx

  2. Destined for scrap I reckon. Same with the London Overground Class 315 and Class 317 and TfL Rail Class 315. As new Bombardier Class 345, Class 710 and Class 720 Aventra rolling stocks are replacing 30-40 year old trains since they were built in the 1970s and 1980s. And with the Class 321s to be saved and to be converted into Class 600 “Breeze” Hydrogen MU.

  3. Perhaps the government (DfT) should re-consider on whether to scrap the Class 317s altogether because of Greater Anglia are replacing them with the Class 720 Aventra EMUs.

    Or to save the redundant Class 317 EMUs and to convert them into Battery-Electric Multiple Unit (BEMU), Bi-Mode Multiple Unit (EDMU) or Hydrogen Multiple Unit (HMU) stocks. As the Class 317 are 30 years old or over 30 years old. And maybe transfer some of the Class 317s to ScotRail and upgrade them as Class 318 to work the the existing Class 318 and Class 320 as well Class 334, Class 380 and Class 385 EMUs on the Strathclyde and Glasgow suburban services.

    That there would be more extra trains to cope with morning and evening rush hour, peak and off-peak.

  4. Interesting developments indeed. Thinking of the refurbished 321s, a small number may be needed to operate the Wickford-Southminster shuttles as the 720s are too long for the Wickford bay platforms, but the remainder could be used to replace 317 units as the 720s become prevalent on main-line & Southend services.
    Overall, the number of pioneer conversion schemes using “old” units is encouraging, and much cheaper than new build.

  5. If these trains aren’t causing any major issues then they should let them stay in service for at least another decade. Why spend money on building new trains?


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