Update on Leeming Bar Station Refurb at Wensleydale Railway

Leeming Bar Station House // Credit Wensleydale Railway
Leeming Bar Station House // Credit Wensleydale Railway

The Wensleydale Railway has posted further progress on the refurbishment of the Leeming Bar Station House which will improve the facilities and bring the building up to date.

Contractors carrying out the work have managed to put measures in place meeting Government advice and guidelines to keep their staff safe, allowing work to continue.

Removing the old interior of the Station House has been complete. A minor set back has been seen in the re-roofing, with obtaining new slates being difficult at one stage.

Most of the new roof has been laid now, with a small area still requiring slates.

New Interior Wall // Credit Wensleydale Railway
New Interior Wall // Credit Wensleydale Railway

Focus is now on fitting out the new ticket office, kitchen and other rooms. The new bay window and stud walls have been built recently.

A big thank you goes to the National Lottery Heritage Fund who have provided finance towards this important rebuild.

New Bay Window // Credit Wensleydale Railway
New Bay Window // Credit Wensleydale Railway

For more information or to support the Wensleydale Railway, please visit their website here.

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  1. Having Previously visited the Wensleydale Railway itself ‘in-person’ (Especially to their Lovely Old Leeming Bar train station)… I’m Absolutely Astounded by how well they’ve been doing.

    To Me (I Myself), I think the old Train Station Building Structure at Leeming Bar is A Marvellous Classic Structure, As well as A Peice of Yorkshire Victorian Masterpiece of British Railway History.

    Even A Local Jewel-in-the-Crown of The Wensleydale Railway’s own leading Train Station (And Head-Quarters)… Without this Local Train Station House Building – Leeming Bar just wouldn’t be the same, let alone incomplete.

    A Jolly Well Done to the Wensleydale Railway so far on it’s Projects and on the old Leeming Bar Station House Building Too.

    I also hope to return to and revisit this Wonderful Yorkshire Heritage Railway ‘in-person’ once again someday… I’d look forward to it, Especially for A Train Ride up and down the line through the Wonderful Wensleydale Countryside.


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