Southampton trains delayed after debris thrown onto tracks

St Denys Station Southampton Track Debris
Credit: Network Rail
Southampton Train Damage Debris on Track
Credit: Network Rail

Network Rail has reported that debris thrown onto the tracks in Southampton caused damage to a train and delayed passengers.

The metal light case was thrown onto the electrified tracks on Sunday 7th June.

The incident has been reported to the British Transport Police.

A South Western Railway train hit an object on the line in the St Denys area at 1735.

When the train hit the lamp casing it caused the trains shoegear which supplies power to the train to be damaged. This went on to delay 22 other trains for around 9.5 hours.

Southampton Train Damage Debris on Track
Credit: Network Rail

British Transport Police are investigating the incident which was captured on CCTV.

If you have any information about the debris being thrown on to the track near Southampton, you can contact BTP through the 61016 text service or freephone 0800 405040 quoting incident reference 281 of 07/06/20.

Mark Killick, route director at Network Rail Wessex, said: “This reckless act caused delays to passengers – many of whom are critical workers – and damage to the railway and train. Fortunately, no one was injured.

“I would urge anyone with information to come forward and contact the British Transport Police.”

Inspector Andy Jackson from the British Transport Police who is embedded on the Wessex route, said: “This is a mindless act of vandalism by the persons involved, resulting in damage to the tracks and the train and passengers being trapped on trains.

“Obstructing a train by either throwing or placing objects on the line is a very serious offence carrying a maximum of two years in prison. We’ll review CCTV of the incident and will actively pursue those responsible to ensure they are held accountable for their actions.”

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  1. Must be asbos, kids or yobs. And all because of schools can’t reopen because of fears of Coronavirus. Terrible behaviour 😡

  2. Makes me angry that we have got the stupidest people about and want to cause endless trouble and misery on the railways which is costing £1000s. Makes me wonder why that the parents aren’t given any advice to teach their kids how not to mess around on the railways or near the railways. Disgraceful. 😡

  3. I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS!! Why is it happening too often because of schools are shut because of the lockdown and youngsters are doing stupid stuff and putting yet more misery on other people. I mean why do it. Unbelievable and unacceptable behaviour.

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