£130,000 steam locomotive lorry trailer stolen in Somerset

Steam locomotive trailer stolen in Somerset
Credit: Jonathan Jones-Pratt

Jonathan Jones-Pratt, of JJP Holdings, has released information that a 2012 Nooteboom Euro 96-04 lorry trailer, used to transport steam locomotives between railways, has been stolen.

The lorry trailer has been with SA Smith recently and has been stolen with no apparent traces of where it is now.

No steam locomotive was on the trailer at the time of it being stolen, but its a rather large piece of kit to be stolen.

The trailer was based at Templecombe, the police have had the stolen trailer reported to them, but no action has been taken.

Jonathan Jones Pratt is offering a £10,000 reward for any information on the trailer, which cost over £130,000.

You can email Jonathan with any information by clicking here.

You can find the original post on Facebook by clicking here.

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  1. I have see this trailer in use over the years and it has been specially adapted in order to do it job, who ever has stolen it will have a hard job of trying to sell it on as apart from it being modified not many transport companies use this type of trailer and those that do will probably recognize it.

  2. I have got serious reservations about the veracity of this. How on earth do you steal one of these things? It’s not like you can sneak down a back street with it!
    Quite frankly I don’t know if I believe it!

    • You just hitch it up and drive away. It happens every day on farms around the UK. It’s amazing the brass neck some of these thieves have. I just wouldn’t have the balls! 😀

  3. We are in a crazy world what good is a trailer that size to someone .
    You should cume clean and return do the right thing own up .

    Unless your selling on no good

  4. We are in a crazy world we are in .
    Do right and return it .
    No good unless your selling on .
    Hope you get caught with it

  5. I believe that S A smith have a lot to answer for !
    It was purchased from them and stolen from their yard !

    They have been absolutely disgusting with their lack of support – the owner still hasn’t received the paperwork for it & the have blankly said today – no can do

    So I agree – I don’t believe them at all !!

  6. Mr Lavender, how about engage with the veracity of it….Hatton Garden wasn’t a hoax either!
    This is very real and the trailer has gone so, rather than question it, accept that a group out there has engaged in denying individuals and charities the use of the trailer and help find it.
    Thank you!

  7. Guessing it would have a 3 1/2″ pin which your average truck only has a 2 1/2″ pin, would have to have a heavy haulage unit to take it away.

  8. The buffet at Yeovil Junction used to have a solid marble bar top weighing at least 2 tons. Someone broke in and stole that. And got clean away.

  9. Many moons ago a shark ballast plough went missing from a yard in York. It is recorded in the HMRS book on Brake Vans and Ballast Ploughs.
    Here’s a nasty thought: maybe this trailer has been nicked to be used to nick more stuff…

  10. I’d like to point out as I drive for SA Smith the trailer wasn’t stolen from there yard it was a yard in Somerset .
    As stated in the owners post.

    The trailer was purchased from smiths months ago. With no rail equipment on the trailer. So it actually looks nothing like the pictures shown .

    The trailer was at Somerset at an engineering company with the owners intention to build railway lines and equip it for work.
    He decided in the meantime to sell it. it’s been advertised on eBay /truck bay also having had a potential buyer look at it .

  11. There’s probably a good chance the the heavy haulage tractor required to steal a trailer of this type was stolen as well.

  12. sadly this has insurance job written all over it.

    very disappointing that the owner of this trailer is blaming the business and company that obviously done him a favor.

    I think the way the owner has gone about it and getting others involved is disgusting.

    hopefully when this is all over he will apologies face to face the people he has treated badly..

    • There’s no way the insurance company will pay out as the trailer is not insured unless it’s hooked onto the unit


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