Update on new build steam locomotive P2 “Prince of Wales”

Grit Blasting Tender Tank // Credit Daniela Filová
Grit Blasting Tender Tank // Credit Daniela Filová

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The P2 Steam Locomotive Company have released an update on the construction of their new build London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) P2 Class, No.2007 “Prince of Wales”.

Progress on building the tender for “Prince of Wales” has reached an important milestone, with the tender tank now completed.

The final stages before being finished saw a hydraulic test completed, followed by grit-blasting. The tender tank now awaits transport from North View Engineering Solutions to Darlington Locomotive Works.

Brake Pull Levers // Credit John Taylor
Brake Pull Levers // Credit John Taylor

Recent work on the tender’s frame at Ian Howitt’s engineering works has seen many of the smaller components, such as brake pull levers, have work completed on them.

All six springs for the wheelsets have been delivered to Darlington Locomotive Works, with primer and undercoat being applied to all three wheelsets.

P2 Tender Springs // Credit Daniela Filová
P2 Tender Springs // Credit Daniela Filová

For more information or to support the P2 Steam Locomotive Company in building the seventh member of the LNER P2 class, please visit their website here.

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  1. Tim Illingworth as an ex railwayman that is exactly what I thought. I never worked on ex LNER pacifics but saw practically every one that existed. ALL the larger loco’s had 8 wheel tenders.

  2. Mr Illingworth is right.
    May be the confusion arose concerning the Prince ofWales class engines that indeed had a six -wheel tender but were ten wheelers 4-6-0 instead.

  3. May be there was a confusion with the Prince of Wales class 4-6-0 which indeed had 6 wheeled tender.

  4. May be the picture is not clear or there is a confusion with Prince ofWales class 4-6-0s which indeed had a 6 wheel tender behind.

  5. These were amongst the worst passenger engines to run in Britain. Their performance was no better than that of a conventional pacific yet they needed a coal mine in the tender to do that. They also had a highly damaging effect on the track A mark of their uselessness is that they were taken out of traffic at the height of the war when every engine was worth its weight in gold.


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