RMT comments on potential Government rail bailout as passenger numbers dip by 20%

Credit: RMT

Rail union, RMT, has responded to Grant Shapps’ statement this morning regarding rail travel and coronavirus.

RMT has stated that Grant Shapps said that rail passengers were down by 20% on last week, and train operators are in line for a coronavirus bailout.

Train companies are currently working with the government regarding coronavirus.

No timetables or changes to trains are in effect at the time of writing regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

What did the officials say?

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said,

“As it considers bailing out the private rail companies the Government must now issues cast iron guarantee that as well as protecting transport services all transport jobs and skills, including those in the supply chain must be protected.

“To achieve this government must extend public ownership to the transport sector such as expanding the government operator of last resort already in use on northern and LNER

“In the good times the privatised operators have squandered billions in dividends instead of reinvesting in staff and services and preparing for any shocks to the transport system, but now we have a national emergency and all commercial considerations must be put aside so transport is managed solely in the national interest.”

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  1. Sadly I expect nothing more from the RMT, they do everything within their power to cripple the network and try to return it to the ‘good old days’ (the 70’s when dirt and decay were the unions norm) and now cynically try to take advantage of a pandemic to criticise the government in their efforts to handle/control an unknown quantity. God bless the unions, I don’t think.


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