Update on steam locomotive boiler work at HBSS

1014, 4253, 2320, 2623 and 5551's steam locomotive boilers at HBSS // Credit HBSS
1014, 4253, 2320, 2623 and 5551's boilers at HBSS // Credit HBSS

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Heritage Boiler Steam Services have released an update on the steam locomotive boilers they are currently working on at their workshop in Liverpool.

GWR 4200 Class No.4253

Arriving a few weeks ago, 4253 GWR Standard No.2 Boiler has entered into the workshop, where work has commenced. The boiler will undergo restoration, starting with the removal of the backhead.

4253's Boiler Inside // Credit HBSS
4253’s Boiler Inside // Credit HBSS

Andrew Barclay Tank No.2320

Work on overhauling 2320‘s boiler is nearing completion. Recently, the stays on outer firebox’s front plate were knocked over, tooling of backhead stays, and gauge frame bosses machined, drilled and trial fitted.

Members of the team have also been creating blanks in preparation for the boiler’s hydraulic test.

2320's Boiler Backhead and Gauge Frame Boss // Credit HBSS
2320’s Boiler Backhead and Gauge Frame Boss // Credit HBSS

GWR 7200 Class No.7200

Rivets attaching the 7200‘s boiler barrel to the firebox have been removed and replaced with the small number of bolts to keep both parts together for now temporarily.

7200 Boiler's Temporary Bolts // Credit HBSS
7200 Boiler’s Temporary Bolts // Credit HBSS

New-Build LMS Patriot Class No.5551 “The Unknown Warrior”

New member to the team John has been working on 5551‘s boiler; setting stays in the firebox.

John Working on 5551's Firebox // Credit HBSS
John Working on 5551’s Firebox // Credit HBSS

New-Build GWR 1000 ‘Hawksworth County’ No.1014 “County of Glamorgan”

The rear section of 1014‘s boiler barrel has been shaped. The next stage will see both the rear and front sections attached to form the boiler barrel. HBSS are also restoring the firebox, which is inside their workshop.

1014's Boiler Barrel's Rear Section // Credit HBSS
1014’s Boiler Barrel’s Rear Section // Credit HBSS

Heritage Boiler Steam Service specialises in restoring and overhauling steam boilers, mainly working on steam locomotive boilers.

If you would like to find out more information or to contact HBSS to discuss repairs to your boiler, please visit their Facebook page here.

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