Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust asked to leave WSR Washford Site

Washford Station Somerset and Dorset Railway// Credit WSR
Washford Station // Credit WSR

The Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust (S&DRT) have posted the sad news they have been asked to leave the Washford site.

The S&DRT received a letter from solicitors on behalf of the West Somerset Railway PLC, owners of the Washford site, with a Notice to Terminate on the agreement allowing S&DRT to use the Washford site, giving the S&DRT a years notice.

The one reason the WSR PLC have stated so far for asking the S&DRT to leave is to allow the WSR PLC to use the site for its own purposes, but no further details have been added. The S&DRT have sent a response and are now seeking legal advice.

Although very disappointing for the S&DRT, they have encountered difficulties in the past and look forward to opportunities in the future.

The S&DRT also added that “…this does not indicate the end of the Trust, we will continue with our present activities as usual.”

About the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust

Formed shortly after the closure of the original Somerset and Dorset Railway in 1966, with “The purpose was to collect, collate and record as much as possible about the history of the line, and to encourage modelling.”

Since then, more and more members have joined, and the trust has acquired many associated items, from documents to buying and restoring S&DR 7F No.53808. The S&DRT moved to the Washford site in the 1970s, which was owned by the WSR and in a derelict state at the time. Over the years the site has been developed to show how the original S&DR worked, winning awards such as the national prize for railway societies’ magazines.

For more information or to support the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust, please visit their website here.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the S&D Railway Trust on having to move out and away from the WSR’s Washford Rly Station,

    I do hope they find another place somewhere/anywhere across West Country Territory that would allow this intriguing Trust to find a new home.

    What’ll Become of them ? Also, Where will they Go ?

  2. On the Bright Side … At least the Award Winning West Somerset Railway (whom have such an amazingly lot of rolling stock in-between to store and to reallocate up ad down along it’s lengthy Well-Restored running line) Could still have Potential of reusing said Washford site for said own purposes … In anyways possible.

    Furthermore, the WSR really is indeed a long and lengthy Heritage Railway, Especially with a lot of locomotives, rolling stock, infrastructure and an amazingly amusing amount of volunteers, footplate crews, guards, signalmen (aka signal-workers, in-case some are female) and of course the Total of Stations along this Well-Restored Branch Line Heritage Railway … Which definitely has more than a lot to offer.

    Despite, the sad (or bad whichever) news on their Allies the S&D Rly Trust now having to relocate elsewhere … I (myself) still hope to travel/come on down ‘in-person’ for a memorable train ride up and down the line.

    Let alone check out very station and project in-between.

  3. Then as far as i can see it`l be the beginning of the end for the WSR totally avoidable and a self inflicted death wish that some within the railway i`m sure are well aware off one has to ask the question who is going to make money out of this………. Speak Up …….. Don`t be Shy we can`t hear you.

  4. Not sure about WSR motives here; they seem to be involved in some internal disquiet, too many in-house differences? The S&D should expect better treatment than this after all the hard work and fundraising. I wonder if they can claim “squatters rights”….

  5. Sorry the WSR PLC don’t own the site as they only have a lease of the trackbed etc from SCC and have sub leased the old goods yard and station buildings to the S&DJRT.


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