Churnet Valley Railway welcomes BR Mk 1 carriages

Churnet Valley BR Mk1 Carriages

The Churnet Valley Railway has announced that two BR Mk1 carriages have arrived at the railway.

The coaches arrived at the railway last Friday thanks to the CVR’s supporting charity North Staffordshire Railway Company (1978) Ltd.

The NSRC has purchased TSO E3809 and SO 4366 as part of the long term plan for the railway returning to Leek. The CVR will eventually need two sets of coaching stock to operate on the railway.

3809 is planned destined to enter the Carriage Works in the spring to start the restoration. 4366 meanwhile will have to wait for its turn in the overhaul queue. It will become a second dining vehicle to run with Diana.


The NSRC has launched an appeal to cover the cost of purchase and transport for these carriages for the Churnet Valley Railway. Click here for more information on the appeal.

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    • Reporting is accurate if not grammatically correct. It is not a composite you see but a Second Open which were commonly used for dining services hence the no middle door.

  1. I’ve learnt about this only the other day,
    These two ex-BR Passenger Carriages (As Soon As They’re Painstakingly-Restored) Shall make A Cracking Addition to the Churnet Valley Railway,

    Especially on it’s Eventual Extension to Leek … Also, I wonder how the CVR are doing on their Leek Extension.

  2. Furthermore,

    I Believe it’s very important that ever more and more locos, carriages and rail-wagons are Preserved as well as Restored to Work and to Roam the Painstakingly Restored Rails of Train-Tracks,

    Because with more Heritage Railways coming into our lives, let alone the UK Preservation Movement/Sector … It’s likely more Locos have the Potential of Entering Preservation.

    Also, more volunteers, younger, quite fitter and even quite so stronger drivers, firemen, guards, signalmen (or signallers whichever) and station staff in-between, As they are the backbone of seeing Restored Locos and Well-Med Up Trains moving up and down along each Preserved Railway around the British Isles.


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