Engineering expertise highlighted in Northern’s train refurbishment

Credit: Northen

Northern has revealed the processes and engineering required to refurbish it’s existing fleet.

This is part of a £100 million investment to fully refurbish 268 trains and carriages, as part of the modernisation programme.

It takes about 120 work hours spread over five full days to renovate just one carriage. It also requires the input of around 20 specialists, including electricians, painters, vehicle builders, welders, textile fitters and project managers.

The refurbishment programme of the 268 trains will take more than 72,000 work-hours to complete, with each refurbished train featuring improved and better seating, fully accessible toilets, free WiFi, digital customer information, sustainable lighting and security-focused CCTV.

What did the officials say?

Andrew Marden, Head of Engineering Transformation at Northern, said:

“This transformational engineering programme is absolutely mammoth and the complexity of giving 268 a new lease of life is extremely challenging.

“The refurbished trains will massively improve our customers’ experience and the units will have all the facilities that you would expect from a brand-new train. Customers will hardly be able to tell the difference.”

“Of course, we have a really difficult balancing act to keep services operating whilst carrying out the improvement work and are aiming to complete the renewals as quickly as possible.

“Our engineering teams are fantastically skilled in a variety of disciplines and are making great progress in delivering enhancements for our customers.”

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  1. Splendid….but what classes of “trains” are we talking here? EMU? DMU? 150/153/156/170? A little detail helps, Northern, please don’t be coy!

    • 150’s
      a lick of paint inside and out , but the rattling and unclosable window vents left just the same, some electronic displays, a new set of seat covers is all that is visible inside (you can even see where the painter has gone round the information signs).
      Perhaps that Is the ‘expertise’ bit??
      oh and dead mileage to/from Kilmarnock – are there no painters in Manchester or Leeds ?

      • Thanks for info, and they expect us to believe their bogus publicity. We’ve had it from Greater Anglia for years! I never used to be a cynic….!


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