RAIB to investigate fatal accident at Tyseley train depot

Tyseley depot
Credit: RAIB

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch has announced that they will be investigating a fatal accident involving a train driver at Tyseley Train Depot.

At around 20:00 on 14 December 2019, a train driver, who had just left their train after bringing it into the depot, was fatally injured while passing between two trains that were being coupled together on an adjacent line.

The RAIB investigation will identify the events which led to the accident and other factors that were relevant to the working within the depot.

The report will be available in the next few weeks.

What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

PLEASE NOTE: The trains featured in the above image ARE NOT the ones involved in the accident.

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  1. Easily done . Rules when on MPD be aware of whats moving about !!
    Live units are prone to move at any moment , was this unit live lights on.
    The days of Single Engines
    motive power units and signal boxes having block working and letting trains into your section have gone and with it the experience of lifes risks that are connected with operational trains !!!
    Drivers are not risk takers or even risk awareness alert and dont see the risk of a movement like they did in the 1950’s.

  2. Please remove comment above…is this from a armchair driver who reads railway magazines and thinks they know the railway…
    Railways are a dangerous place in 2019 just as much as the 50s….
    Let’s wait till inquest to cast opinions let’s not forget this is one of our ‘driver brothers’ sad day for our community.
    If you looked into stats for staff deaths from 1950’s and 2019 less staff are killed so the above comment hurts when is stated that drivers are risk unaware…
    Andy Richards please go to whsmith’s and get your next copy of your favourite railway mag so you can comment on operational incidents.
    Our thoughts go out the the deceased family and the other staff involved….the ripple of pain spreads long and wide.
    Yours railway worker 34 years….footplate 30 years.

    • Totally agree, too many self appointed ‘experts’ with no experience whatsoever and think they can prempt the investigation. No idiot needs to lecture Railwaymen on what a dangerous envoironment they work in. I don’t have your years on the job but speak from experience as a former 60’s Fireman/Second Man when the traction itself was a dangerous workplace…… Big difference was you could usually hear them coming unlike these modern units. RIP Brother.

  3. A sad event; we need to wait for the outcome of any inquiry or inquest before making a considered judgement. Working on the railway is, and has always been, full of hidden dangers. Sympathies must go to the family.


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