Rail innovation programme launched by Transport for Wales

Credit: Arriva Trains Wales

A rail innovation programme has launched in Newport and is aimed at developing some of the best new start ups around.

‘Lab by Transport for Wales (TfWL)’ is a 12-week Innovation Accelerator Programme.

TfW’s programme will help up-scale and accelerate tech start-ups and have them pitch ready within 12-weeks.

At the end of the 12-week programme, applicants will pitch their business solutions to Transport for Wales Rail decision-makers.

Successful candidates will be awarded a contract of work, and their solution will be subsequently launched across the Transport for Wales Rail network.

What did the officials say?

Head of Customer Experience and Innovation Barry Lloyd said:

“We’re passionate about working with new start ups, inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators to help them be the best they can be and to make a real difference to our railway.

“So if you have an idea, a design or a product that could be adapted to benefit the railway then we want to hear from you.

“This is Wales’ first and only innovation rail programme so we are at a really exciting time in our industry as we hope to make Wales a true centre for rail excellence.”

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  1. Before Transport for wales start any innovation programmes I suggest they finish the ones that they have started :- E Flex ,D stock and get the trains running without overcrowding etc. rom where I am sitting the management team are ignorant and wet behind the ears and have very little knowledge of railways let alone operation and management day to day !!!

  2. They could even train new recruits on how to drive new and existing trains and also to work at railway stations including cleaning station platforms, station guard, customer service, security and many more.


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