Hull Trains brings on Airline approach to train travel

Hull Trains set to bring in new trains from December 2019
Credit: Hull Trains

Hull Trains has announced that they have adopted an airline approach on its new Paragon fleet, which promises passengers a new beginning in rail travel.

Key characteristics found as standard on the airlines, including a personal at-seat food and drink service for every passenger will be mirrored on the Paragon Fleet.

Currently, it is only customers in First Class who enjoy an at-seat service, with passengers in standard class needing to leave their seats.

During detailed market research ahead of the launch of the new £60m Paragon Fleet, Hull Trains’ customers told the operator they would prefer a trolley service – which is why on the new fleet, an at-seat service will be available for every customer.

What did the officials say?

Louise Cheeseman, Managing Director at Hull Trains said:

“The Paragon Fleet takes an airline approach because that is what our customers tell us they want.

“Everything we do is based on feedback from our customers. We don’t just decide to do things on a whim, we have done a lot of market research and the same message about the café bar keeps coming back to us.

“People do not want to have to leave their seats, leaving their laptops and bags, and people fear losing their seats if they get up to go to the café bar.

“Families have told us they don’t want to leave their children on their own, so instead of them all going to the café bar, one adult stays behind, but then the adult that goes to the café doesn’t always know what the others would choose.

“There is a simple solution to these problems, and that is to bring the food and drink to every seat, so that everyone can settle in and stay where they are, relax and still have the option to buy food and drink – just like it is done on planes.

“I believe the airlines have got it right and I’m looking forward to that being mirrored on the Paragon Fleet.

“We have had customers ask us why the café bar is being removed – but it’s not a case of us removing it, it’s a case of us replacing it with something so much better.

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  1. Once the Class 802 “Hull Trains Paragon” IETs begins service. The Class 180 Adelante will then be cascaded to East Midlands Railway and the hired Class 43 Mk3 HSTs Will then be cascaded to Crosscountry or ScotRail.


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