Whitrope update from the Waverley Route Association

Mark 1 coach
Credit: WRA

The Waverley Route Association has released a short update on their progress at Whitrope.

Work has progressed as normal at Whitrope with good progress being made in a number of areas.

The signalling project continues to advance with pulleys laid and runners for the signal cable along the platform front.

The restoration of the lever frame also has made progress with most of the levers now complete.

Davie has been working on the signal base and running some welds along the strengthening webs now that the association has sorted the electrical supply to the welder.

Some work has been done to improve the look of the Mk1 workshop coach and this is still ongoing.

Preparatory works are underway for the installation of the level crossing gates which hopefully will come to fruition towards the end of the year.

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  1. Well I Must Say, This is Jolly Good News

    The Waverley Route Heritage Association (whom are indeed a Heritage Railway in the Spectacular Scottish Borders) really are doing a successful job at preserving this very part of the long disused/abandoned Waverley Route.

    I still hope they succeed in extending their own running line south to Riccarton Junction one day at some point.

  2. I still wonder if the WRHA are indeed aiming to also restore that old (and historic) Whitrope Tunnel, As well as the stretch of old line down to Riccarton Junction.

    I wonder how much stretch of this part of the old Waverley Route they own


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