c2c apologise for Smartcard issues

c2c // Credit: Railway News
c2c // Credit: Railway News

c2c has apologised and thanked its passsengers after a bumpy year regarding its Smartcards.

Earlier in the year, the train operator upgraded its ticket booking system.

Unfortunately, this was not the smooth transition that the operator had hoped for and it probably felt like they were going backwards, not forwards at times.

However, the operator has now reported that the majority of the issues have now been sorted.

What have they done?

  • Brought in extra help into our Customer Relations team to help get through the backlog of cases as we know some of you are still waiting for your refunds and responses
  • Refunded those of you with failed Flexi-Season tickets
  • Helped over 3,500 Flexi-Season customers, offering double-the-difference reimbursement to cover the difference in savings and compensated affected customers with £10 account credit, so no one is left out of pocket

Smartcard is a lot better. This is because:

It’s easy – Did you know that you can create a c2c account, order a Smartcard and buy a ticket all in one go? And in the future you will be able to collect a Smartcard from a c2c station

Save time – By buying your tickets online you could avoid the queues at the station ticket office. And it only takes a few minutes.

Earn rewards – If you use your Smartcard to buy online, you’ll earn Loyalty Points to redeem against future purchases.

Automatic Delay Repay – Only Smartcard customers reap the rewards of getting paid compensation into their account automatically if their train is delayed by more than two minutes. Bye-bye, delay forms!

No booking fees – Unlike Trainline or other online platforms, we won’t charge you a booking fee for your train tickets.

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  1. A bad year indeed, booking office staff @ c2c have taken a lot of flak over these problems, and whilst we are led to assume that everyone is tech-savvy, getting Joe Public on board with this system has not been easy. Let’s hope the tweaking works.

  2. Not really good for c2c. Oh dear. Reminds me of what Greater Anglia have faced so much complaints from commuters because of smart card issues, broken down trains and train delays.

  3. I still haven’t had a refund from June. The website still doesn’t work. C2c staff seem clueless and cannot offer any advice about topping up a smartcard.


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