Carriage Maintenance Work at North Ings Railway

Coach update from the North Ings Farm Museum
Credit: North Ings Farm Museum

The North Ings Railway Museum has released an update on the carriage maintenance currently taking place.

One of the Abbey Light Railway coaches has been out of service recently to allow work to be done on one of the wheelsets.

This work has now been completed, and the opportunity has been taken to give the carriage a full repaint.

This is the first repaint since the coaches were built back in the 1990s.

All the woodwork has been removed, and most of it sanded ready for repainting. All the metalwork has also been sanded.

The other two coaches will be painted over the winter, and in preparation for alterations to the brake coach, the air brake system has been altered with the air pressure gauge now on the leading coach adjacent to the locomotive.

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