New Cylinders Delivered for steam locomotive Hagley Hall

New Cylinders for 4930
New Cylinders for 4930 "Hagley Hall" // Credit Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall
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The Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall group has announced that the new cylinder blocks for their Great Western Railway 4900 “Hall” Class No.4930 “Hagley Hall” have been delivered.


“Hagley Hall” is currently undergoing a heavy overhaul at the Severn Valley Railway, who also owns the “Hall” class locomotive.

In order for the engine to steam again, two new cylinders were needed. These have been made from scratch, from CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings to the finished castings.

The next task will be to attach both blocks to the frame, which will also form the support for the smokebox.

4930 "Hagley Hall"'s Tender Underside // Credit Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall
4930 “Hagley Hall”‘s Tender Underside // Credit Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall

The old cylinder cladding has been retained as a pattern for the new cladding, as the old sheets are beyond repair. The correct size sheet has been made and now have an undercover paint applied.

Recent work on the tender has seen various pipework is being refitted.

For more information or to support the Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall, please visit their website here.

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