All change at Ropley!

New boards at Ropley
Credit: Mid Hants Railway

The Can Pac team have released an update about the changes taking place at Ropley.

Since the back end of 2018, the team have been working with Abound Design and Interpretation to create a new interpretation plan. This is so that the team can capture the imagination of the general visitor, rather than an enthusiast.

Therefore, the Can Pac team have been looking over the site at Ropley to see how they could improve the visitor experience. Most passengers dont get off at Ropley, so they have been looking at how to encourage visitors to hop off at this station.

Ropley provides the railway with a great opportunity to inspire and engage with people of all ages with the engineering work that is being completed.

The team, consisting of Sheila (Education Officer), Russell (Abound) and Becky (Project Supervisor), have come up with designs for new display boards and hands-on interactives/

The decision has been taken to split this into two phases to make it easier and to not disturb the uses of the viewing galleries.

Phase 1 was installed in April right after Day Out With Thomas. This phase saw a welcoming entrance and the stairwell being completed, with a new entrance sign and timeline up the stairs to draw visitors.

A few changes were done to the Main Viewing Gallery with vinyl facts applied to the windows.

It’s not just the Viewing Gallery where changes have taken place. Around the site, new display boards have been installed to educate visitors.

On Platform 2, there is a large map of the site showing visitors to what they can see.

Phase 2 will be installed in July 2019 with a whole host of fun interactives added to all the Viewing Galleries at Ropley.

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