Appeal launched for steam locomotive 71000 Duke of Gloucester

71000 Duke of Gloucester on the East Lancashire Railway
Credit: Paul Anderson

The BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust has set up an appeal to raise the necessary funds to see ‘The Duke’ return to the mainline in 2020.

Additional Work

Once the overhaul started at Tyseley Locomotive Works, the Trust could see the full extent of work needed, which they have announced is more than they first anticipated.

To cover the cost of the extra work, just under £105,000 will need to be raised for the engine to be mainline ready for September 2020.

In the detailed breakdown, there are four areas where the funds will be spent, these are Driving wheelsets roller bearing replacement, retyring all six driving wheels, additional parts for Caprotti boxes and addition piston rear covers. A full breakdown of the total cost can be found on the Trust’s website here.

Ways to Donate

There are many ways to support the Trust in overhauling the “Duke of Gloucester”. You can make a one-off donation of any amount, join the trust by becoming a member and the ‘Living Memory Fund’.

The BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust greatly appreciate any support towards helping see their unique locomotive run again.

For more information or to support The BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust, please visit their website here.

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