WATCH: 10 steam locomotives in steam for the Great Central Railway Gala

The 25th, 26th & 27th January saw the Great Central Railway host their annual Winter Steam Gala.

This gala featured 1 guest engine being 7802 Bradley Manor visiting courtesy of the Erlestoke Manor Fund & the Severn Valley Railway

This gala was a very busy gala featuring passenger trains, freight trains, the very popular travelling post office train hauled by 45305 Alderman A. E Draper & 7802 Bradley Manor.

Also featuring are the very popular non-stop express double-headed by 7802 Bradley Manor & 6990 Witherslack Hall & light engine moves

RailView filmed this gala at Quorn & Woodhouse on Saturday 26th January 2019

Locos that featured at the gala:

  • 7802 Bradley Manor
  • 47406
  • 68067 (does not feature in the video)
  • 46521
  • 78018
  • 48624
  • 6990 Witherslack Hall 
  • 45305 Alderman A. E. Draper
  • 73156
  • 92214 Leicester City

Some images taken by RailView can be seen below:

 45305 at Quorn TPO
Credit: RailView
48624 at Quorn mixed freight
Credit: RailView
6990 at Quorn passenger
Credit: RailView
7802 at Quorn passenger
Credit: RailView
78018 and 47406 Quorn
Credit: RailView
 92214 at Quorn
Credit: RailView
45305 at Quorn Passenger
Credit: RailView
46521 and 78018
Credit: RailView
73082 at Quorn
Credit: RailView
7802 and 6990
Credit: RailView

See more of videos like this on RailView’s YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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I volunteer at the Great Central Railway as a cleaner. I go out and film on the mainline & heritage railways for my YouTube channel RailView. I previously volunteered at The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust's West Shed on Duchess of Sutherland. I'm currently studying Creative Media at Chesterfield College.


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