More parts produced for steam locomotive 72010 Hengist

72010 Hengist February
Credit: The Clan Project

Lots of parts have recently been manufactured ‘The Clan Project‘ for their new build BR Standard 6 ‘Clan’ Pacific No. 72010 Hengist.

On the 23rd January, the 2nd half of the cylinder pattern for the inside main motion. The 2 pieces are now attached using a taper plug and socket and are now ready for use when needed. The next stage in the progress will be the making of the valve cylinder pattern.

Axle alignment took place a week later and the project is using BR drawings of the loco to make sure all is okay! This means the use of 6 datum holes (2 each side of the driving axle centre) when all 6 holes are in line, the frames have been set up horizontally.

To aid with alignment CTL have now set up a foundation frame which has been levelled accurately.

On the 5th February, the stretchers were inspected by VAB (Vehicle Acceptance Body) and the inspection was passed and the documentation signed!

Small, but certainly helpful progress was made recently on the 6th February as more small parts have been manufactured including the tender tank cover plate and it’s associated ring. All new metal items are treated with a corrosion inhabitor before been allocated a space on the parts rack.

This is one of the most exciting projects in terms of new builds as it is one of few classes of BR ‘Standard’ locos not to be preserved. It’s certainly one to keep a close eye on!

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