Update on steam locomotive No.13268 – January 2019

Horn Cheek Faces // Credit SMF
Horn Cheek Faces // Credit SMF

The Stanier Mogul Fund has been busy over the past month in overhauling No.13268.

Pony Truck and Horn Cheeks

Now flipped over, members can access the underside of the pony truck in order to cover the plates in grey primer paint.

Pony Truck's Frame // Credit SMF
Pony Truck’s Frame // Credit SMF

Work has started on grinding all 12 horn cheek faces with the grinding machine lent to the Fund by the 4253 Locomotive Company Ltd.

The machine will speed up this long task, which once complete, can allow work on machining the axleboxes to shape.

Expansion Links, Lubrication System and Valve Gear

The inner expansion link’s brackets have been reattached. For now, these will be the only parts of the expansion link refitted while work continues, such as the new valve chest liners which need to be installed.

The end is in sight in fitting the lubrication system’s pipes. While carrying out the task, the opportunity was taken to improve lubrication by adding a pipe to the rubbing pads, found at the point of contact between engine and tender.

In order to make reversing wheel easier to turn, a coil spring is used as a balance mechanism. This has now been reassembled in the frame.

Balance Mechanism for Reverser // Credit SMF
Balance Mechanism for Reverser // Credit SMF

This progress is excellent to see, and we look forward to seeing this project progress in 2019.

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